Adult Sunday School

If you are not already in an adult Sunday School class, perhaps this is the year to join one!  All of the classes include couples and singles, and all welcome new members. Following is a short description of each class and a contact person.

Theophilous Class - is led by James Musler and is made up of people primarily in the 20's - 40's age range, and meets in Room 202.

Fellowship Class - is taught by Steve Wilke and meets in the Church Library. This class studies the scripture that is being preached on that Sunday. All ages are welcome to join us any Sunday.

Friends in Faith - is facilitated by Susan Dean with class members sharing in leading the lessons, and studies a wide variety of biblical topics. This class is made up of people who are primarily in the 50's - 70's age range, and meets in Room 200.

Kum-N-E-Wa - (means "come any way") - in other words, you are welcomed at whatever stage or situation you are in life. Steve & Joanne Paul lead this class of people primarily 70+ years.  They use United Methodist materials, studying biblically-based topics and current issues, and meet in the Robinson Room.