Be sure to get our church app on your phone! There is a giving module that makes giving a snap, as well as a way to send prayer requests quickly, and listen to podcasts of previous sermons.  More options will be coming also!

Give to General Ministries

Voluntary giving is crucial to connecting our world with the love of Christ. Generous giving reflects our gratitude for all that God has given us..…and would like to give to others. Jesus called it, “being rich toward God.” A gift to our general ministries may be given below.


Through our online donations platform, you have the ability to set up recurring giving.  Whether you want to give weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or even yearly, you can set up a recurring donation so you will never forget.

You are able to set up a recurring donation based off your bank account, or any credit card you want. (Please note that the fees charged to the church are substantially lower using the E-Check option, leaving more to benefit the church).  Once it is set up, you will receive an email confirmation, as well as a receipt each time your donation is processed.  Every contribution is tax-deductible to you, and will be used to do the ministry at First United Methodist, Winfield.  Thank you again for your generosity!

Permanent Endowment

The Permanent Endowment Fund was established to permit the Church to help support the maintenance, repair and/or improvement of the church plant and property without disrupting our general budget when unanticipated repairs are encountered. In addition to building maintenance, gifts may also be given to the Permanent Endowment for the purpose of general budget, education, missions or scholarships.

Gifts given to the Permanent Endowment Fund go to build the principal, with only the earnings being expended for the purpose of the gift given. The Permanent Endowment Fund makes it possible for a gift from you today to live on and on, enabling you to have a part in the work of Christ in this Church for years to come.

Below are a few of the projects that the Permanent Endowment income has paid for:

Building stone cleaning and repair

Sanctuary ramp and extension

Copy machine replacement

Handbell refurbishment

Elevator repairs

Carpet extractor

New stained glass entry doors

Remaining entry doors replaced

Boiler repairs and upgrades

Chiller and Sanctuary A/C units

Carpeting for selected areas

Roof repairs

New refrigerator in kitchen

Electronic sign

Numerous scholarships and camperships

Budget support